What things to bring and what not?

Face masks and hydroalcoholic gel. Please bring a head or hand lamp, and in case of occasional rain, do not hesitate to bring clothing that covers you, closed shoes to protect you. For accommodation a tent and sleeping bag, mat… And for the toilet you can bring only biodegradable soap, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and tick remover. 

It is possible to bring bikes; this will make it much easier for you to move quickly, but in this case, do not forget to bring a padlock. 

The ZAD is in the middle of the field, there are no shops in the place, we have provided dining rooms but if you do not have means of transportation, think about bringing everything you will need and also cash . 

5 km from there, there is a commercial area with a supermarket, fuel station and an ATM. 

Thank you for leaving your dogs at home whenever possible. There are many and diverse animals in the place, and the cohabitation between these animals and the dogs does not always go well. If it is not possible to avoid it, it is imperative that the dogs are tied with leashes and above all not to let them go in the area. There is also the risk that they will be run over.