Reception and Care

Our intention is for the meeting to be an alcohol and drug free space. We invite you to reflect on the importance of not consuming drugs or alcohol on this occasion in memory of the struggle of Zapatista women. The Revolutionary Law of Women of 1996, once expanded, establishes the non-consumption of drugs and alcohol in Zapatista liberated territories, due to the violence they and their children have suffered as a result of the effects of this form of domination experienced by the indigenous peoples.
Principles for engaging in care and attention :
  • Active co-responsibility and an environment of respect.
  • Organise anger and action from a place of tenderness and love.
  • Ensuring that identity inclusions are effective.
  • This means being/and receiving as if at home.
  • Respect the needs, expressions and times of each person.

Under the section “useful information” you will find information on accommodation, food, how to get to the meeting place, what to bring, etc.