Who are we?

Gender Commission

The gender commission wants to spread Zapatista rebellion and resistance by sharing experiences where we learn from there and show how we organise and struggle here as well. To this end, it will be decided for each activity whether it will be in mixed or mixed gender.

We analyse this on two levels: – Local, where each space and collective decides how to deal with its inclusion – European Gender Commission: all women, trans and non-binary people are welcome, cis-gender men understand that their collaboration is not needed in this space.

In this space we try to act as spokespersons for collectives, individualities are also welcome, however the invitation is that, if possible, they are added to already existing realities or that they are woven into collectivities.

We want to accompany the Zapatista Tour with a feminist, decolonial and intersectional gaze, open to other expressions of struggle of women, trans and non-binary people who speak out against any kind of discrimination. The objectives of the commission:

  •  To give information about feminist events, between now and the end of September, or when the Zapatista tour for life ends.
  • That every moment of the coming of the Zapatistas will carry with it the mutual care of being an anti-colonial, feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist event.
  • To create a protocol/manifesto/commitment for this (this very) event(s) to be organised on a European level.

Many struggles to live, one heart to fight.