European meeting of women, trans, inter, non-binary people. 

Many struggles to live, one heart to fight! 
July 28-29, 2021 
Location: ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Nantes-France) 

In the context of the Zapatist Tour and the Defenders of Water and Earth for Europe 

Gender Program EN

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Many struggles to live, one heart to fight! 

We are living beings, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, women, trans, non-binaries who fight from our different realities, feminists, migrants, non-migrants, precariousness, from popular sectors, that today we call for inter-generational, inter-cultural dialogue , inter-ethnic, inter-galactic, between the diversity of genders, from all the knowledge of the multiple struggles and their different geographies, from the countryside, the city, the factory, the neighborhood, as well as all possible spaces of militancy. 

Moved by the affections, pains, joys and rages that go through our struggles in our territories and our diverse bodies; we are committed to the valuation and revitalization of ancestral practices and knowledge as well as the current struggles and resistances that sustain life in all its expressions. 

We would like everyone’s word and expression to be valued in the same way in this meeting, so that we can listen and learn what we all have to teach from our experiences. 

We will address the themes and contents trying to imagine formats different from those we know, which use all types of language that de-center the spoken and written word to enhance the (re) creative expressions of our bodies, of the arts, of games, enjoyment , sports, other imaginations that bring us closer to other horizons and futures for all. 

Ixchel: “the heart that blooms.” 

This ritual will be the activity that opens the meeting. 

We will start the morning with elements that identify our struggles, emblems, plants, seeds, sticks, drums… 

Bring two twigs with you so you can hold hands without touching. 

The welcome and care. 

The intention is that the meeting is a space free of alcohol and drugs. Therefore, it is invited to reflect on the importance of not consuming drugs or alcohol during the event, remembering the struggle of Zapatist women. Since, in the extension of the Revolutionary Law of Women of 1996, they establish the non-consumption of drugs or alcohol in liberated Zapatist territories; for the violence that they and their children have suffered, for the effects of this form of domination experienced by native peoples.

Principles for a commitment to care: 
  • Active stewardship and respectful environments. 
  • Organizing anger and action from tenderness and love. 
  • Taking care that identity inclusions are effective. 
  • It is understood to be/receive like at home. 
  • Respecting the needs, expressions and times of each person. 
Content and organisation:

We will express ourselves and exchange in different formats: assemblies, workshops, talks, walks and tours, planting… Different tents will host the activities depending on the format of each activity: 

– “Tent of the word”: Panels, conferences, cinema forum, talks… 

– “Tent beyond the word”: Performances, arts, exhibitions, theater, music, gesticulated lectures… 

– “Tent of Joint Making”: Painting, screen printing, embroidery, burlap, flavors… 

– “Tent of other Shares”: Space to meet, get to know each other, exchange our experiences of struggle and rest together…


These are the topics collected so far, and new proposals will be welcome: 

– Defense and rights of land and territory, resistance against mega-projects. 

– Health, self-care and collective care. 

– Work (productive and reproductive) and collectivization of work (cooperative forms, popular and solidarity economy). 

– Others, dissidents, LGBT * QIAP +, trans *, non-binaries, intersex, women who fight, or how we identify and name each one of us. 

– Decolonization, anti-imperialism and cultural counter-hegemony. 

– Shelters, migrations, the right to free movement of people and nomadic life. 

– Institutional violence, gender violence and cyber-bullying; practices and imaginaries of self-defense and “acuerpamiento” (Spanish word that refers to the personal and collective action of our bodies outraged at the injustices experienced by other bodies). 

– Practicing autonomy: Justice, education, pedagogies and community communication. 

– Collective word of the struggles of the world. 

– Desires and interpersonal relationships. 

General Meeting program:
From Friday July 22: Arrival and reception. 
Wednesday July 28 
10:00 am Welcome and start ritual 
10:30 am Start of activities in tents 
12:30 am Arrival and welcome sailing fleet 
01:00 pm Lunch 
03:00 pm Activities in tents 
07:00 pm Concerts, dance 
Thursday July 29
07:00 am Very morning activities, rituals, meditation, etc. 
09:00 am Activities in tents 
01:00 pm Lunch 
03:00 pm Activities in tents 
04:00 pm Shares of struggles in the world. Plenary and closing.